Homecoming Hair Trends for Fall 2022

Homecoming Hair Trends for Fall 2022

It's time for homecoming 2022! It's exciting to choose your dress, but it's just as exciting to figure out what to wear for accessories and how to style your hair and makeup! Take a look at some of our favorite homecoming hair trends for 2022! 


When choosing a hairstyle for homecoming night, think about the dress you're wearing and how you want to feel. Dresses with high necklines call for sweeping updos! Add a few face-framing wisps to your locks for a romantic vibe. Let's move on to the hair trends!  


Throwback Styles


We’ve definitely all noticed the influx of trends coming back from the 80s and 90s, right? Why not incorporate some of these into your homecoming look? We’re really loving this teased, 80s-inspired hair right now that’s perfect for homecoming night! 


Romantic Chignons


2022 is definitely the year of buns and chignons like these! A layer at the front frames the face perfectly. This style lends itself to creativity, so don't be afraid to use it! Take the plunge and experiment with fun accessories and a middle part if you haven't already.




For homecoming, braids are a great way to jazz up your hairstyle, and they're low risk if you don't want to go too wild! Furthermore, this trend is extremely versatile and can be implemented in a variety of ways. A few loose braids, one large braid down your back, or even a braid crown around your head will make your homecoming look stand out.


Big Curls


You can never go wrong with curls, can you? We are especially fond of our customers' natural textures! Suitable for any occasion, this style is versatile. Almost any length of hair can be curled! A curled look can still be achieved with short hair that complements the texture of your face!


There's no limit to what you can do here! We hope these hairstyles inspired you. Contact us today if you still need a homecoming dress!