Mother of the Bride Survival Guide

Mother of the Bride Survival Guide

If your daughter is getting married, we know you’re super excited about this! While this is an incredible time for your daughter (and you!), it can also feel a little overwhelming when you think about all that goes into putting a wedding together. And while you might have hired a wedding planner who takes care of many details, there are still so many things to keep in mind. We’re here today to offer you our version of a Mother of the Bride Survival Guide to keep your sanity in check! (We’ve broken it down by timeframes to keep things as streamlined as possible):





At this point, you need to be discussing any potential financial contribution to the wedding with your daughter and her partner. If you are planning to cover the finances, make them aware of any concerns you have and which venues are possible based on your budget. The venue and guest count should be some of the first considerations you make at this point! If your daughter and her partner want a large wedding, this is the best time to work on a guest list and put together addresses and phone numbers. 


You’ll also want to start reaching out to hotels nearby that guests can stay at. Get quotes and see what deals you can get. 


Your daughter should go ahead and figure out the gift registry at this point, as guests will likely start asking about gifts sooner rather than later. Make sure you’re prepared to guide them for where to shop! 


And of course, one of the most important aspects at this point is helping your daughter find her dream wedding dress. Remember that it’s important to be honest but incredibly supportive. Here at Occasions by Miosa, we’re prepared to help you through this wonderful process (book an appointment if your daughter still needs to find a wedding dress). 



It’s time to start shopping for your wedding day gown as the mother of the bride! We recommend that mothers choose gowns that complement the colors of the wedding and lean more classic and modest, as you don’t want to overshadow the bride on her day. Try to steer clear of trendy gowns and opt for a dress that makes you feel classic and beautiful!





Now it’s important that you get together with the members of your daughter’s bridal party and see if you need to help plan a bridal shower. You should also make sure the guest list is finalized by now, making sure that there’s room for secondary names to fill any empty spots.



Also, go ahead and choose your shoes for the wedding at this point! Make sure they’re comfortable and complement your gown.



Now is a great time to get a dress for the rehearsal dinner! This is an excellent opportunity to dress in something that’s a little more trendy or modern than what you chose for the wedding day. Make sure you leave yourself a little room for potential fittings or alterations! 



It’s almost time for the big day! Make sure you offer extra support and guidance to your daughter this week; she’s going to need it! Be there to help with any last minute details that might have gotten lost somewhere along the way.


Also, make sure that any arrangements for transportation have been sorted out. You might need a method of transportation for your guests if the wedding location is a bit of a walk from the building. 


This is the time to also make sure your gown for the wedding day fits perfectly! Get your shoes broken in and make sure the dress doesn’t need any last minute alterations.



Get your makeup and hair done, and make sure you carry along a camera, lipstick for touch ups, and your tissues in case of any waterworks. Keep a list on hand of things to check on and most importantly, enjoy this beautiful day with your daughter! This is a moment you’ll want to remember forever. 

We would absolutely love to be a part of your experience preparing for your daughter’s wedding day! If you need a special dress, book an appointment with us now!