Mothers FAQ

Typically special gowns can take 4-5 months. Once they arrive, most will need at least a hem in alterations so please factor in this time as well. Ordering your dress 6-8 months prior to the wedding date is ideal and ensures you won't incur any rush fees from the designer or for alteration services. Please note Occasions may have off-the-rack MOB/MOG dresses which you may also take a look at.

Each designer has various pricing and keep in mind some of the bridesmaids dresses also can be used as a MOB/MOG dress. As you browse, you can view the cost of each gown (excluding shipping and alterations).

Yes, we would like you to schedule an appointment so you have a dressing room reserved and one of our consultants can assist you. You can contact us to schedule an appointment at 916-908-5100 or using our website to schedule a time available.

There are only three colors that are traditionally out of the question, but remember, if the bride is on board with any of these, go for it! We’ve seen all of these done so tastefully, but the brides seal of approval is most important when flirting with these choices:

  1. Colors in the white, ivory, champagne color family, because depending on lighting, they can look too close to the bride's gown.

  2. Black, as it traditionally signifies mourning

  3. A true bright red as it takes the focus off of the bride and groom.

Unless the bride specified that she wanted you to match the bridesmaids - which is rare - typically a tint or shade of the color that they’re wearing looks really beautiful and complimentary in photos.

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